CUIDAR Project

CUIDAR (which means to take care in Spanish and Portuguese) is a participatory project aiming to enhance the resilience of children, young people and urban societies to disasters and enable disaster responders to meet children and young people’s needs more effectively. It is funded by the European Union and coordinated by Lancaster University (UK), with the collaboration of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Portugal), the Open University of Catalonia (Spain), the University of Thessaly (Greece) and Save the ChildrenItaly and UK.

CUIDAR’s objectives are:

  • To better understand the risk perception, disaster needs and capacities of children and young people in urban societies.
  • To strengthen children’s understanding of emergencies and the actions they can take to prepare themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Increased awareness and understanding amongst disaster responders and policy makers of children and young people’s needs in disasters.
  • More effective communication between disaster responders and children and young people in urban contexts.
  • Improved disaster management framework, policies and practices that take into account the particular needs of children and young people.