Poster Session

Lived Flood Experiences of People with Disabilities in the UK
Rachel Thompson (Masters of Social Work Student, Durham University), UK

After Fukushima: Working with Children and Young People to Build Community Resilience 

Alison Lloyd Williams (Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University) and Aya Goto (Professor of Health Information and Epidemiology, Fukushima Medical University), UK and Japan

MEFYTU, the fire educational program from Pau Costa Foundation

Galán, M.(1), Borràs, M.(2), Vendrell, J.(2), Vilalta, O.(2), Vilarasau, C.(2), Prat, N.(2), Ballart, H.(2). (1) Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya, (2) Pau Costa Foundation, Spain

Children, young people and flooding: recovery and resilience 

Maggie Mort (Professor of Sociology of Science, Technology & Medicine, CUIDAR coordinator*), Marion Walker (Senior Research Associate*), Alison Lloyd Williams (Senior Research Associate*), Amanda Bingley (Lecturer in Health Research*), Virginia Howells (Former Emergencies Manager, Save the Children, UK). *Lancaster University, UK

Effectiveness of Disaster Training Centres on disaster awareness: a case study in Bursa Disaster
Training Centre with trainees, Turkey
Ayse Yildiz (PhD Researcher, University of Portsmouth), UK

Riscos e catástrofes: perspetiva dos jovens
Ana Simões, Fábio Costa (Students at Escola Básica 2,3 José Cardoso Pires), Portugal


Alexandre Barreira, Bernardo Dias, Bruna Soeiro and Emelly Paula (Students at Escola Secundária da Amadora Escola), Portugal


Alcione Có,Catarina Duarte, Francisca Freitas, Jucileia Brito (Students at Escola Secundária da Amadora), Portugal


Laura Duarte, Luana Rodrigues, Margarida Antunes, Valéria Fortes (Student at Escola Secundária da Amadora), Portugal

Supporting school resilience: teachers and children after the 2016/2017 earthquake events in central Italy

Alessandro Vaccarelli (Associate Professor in Pedagogy Università degli Studi dell’Aquila), Italy

Actions to protect the juvenile population during the Central Italy Earthquake Emergency: the Agreement between Regional Civil Protection Agency and Save The Children Onlus

Ancilli Stefano (Officer of Regione Lazio), Cellini Federico (Save The Children Onlus), Colombi Antonio (Officer of Regione Lazio), Leonardi Elisabetta (Save The Children Onlus) & Tulumello Carmelo (Officer of Regione Lazio), Italy

Life PRIMES EU Project

Luca Abeti (Officier at Project Manager of Life PRIMES for Marche Region), Italy

The integration of educational professionals in risk and emergency contexts

Nicoletta Di Genova and Fabio Centi Pizzutilli (Educators specializing students University of L’ Aquila), Italy

Children and Ethics in Research: CUIDAR working in the field

Amanda Bingley, Maggie Mort, Marion Walker, Alison Lloyd Williams (CUIDAR Co-ordinator Team Lancaster University), UK

Reducing the risk of disaster for children in alternative care

Cath Larkins (Co-Director, The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation University of Central Lancashire), UK

Thyroid ultrasound examinations after the Fukushima disaster: A class-dialogue challenge for school children

Sanae Midorikawa (Associated Professor), Akira Ohtsuru (Professor) (Department of Radiation Health Management, Fukushima Medical University), Japan

Shaping favorable beliefs towards seismic protection through risk communication: A pilot-experience in two Lisbon schools

Marta Gonçalves Vicente (Architect,LNEC), Delta Sousa e Silva (Sociologist,LNEC); Álvaro Pereira (Sociologist,LNEC); Mónica Amaral Ferreira (Engineer, IST), Portugal

Health condition of parents with 18-month-old toddlers in Fukushima City: Analysis of child health check-up data around the time of the Fukushima nuclear accident 

Kazuki Yoshida (Graduate student, Fukushima Medical University Graduate School of Medicine) and Aya Goto (Professor of Health Information and Epidemiology, Center for Integrated Science and Humanities, Fukushima Medical University), Japan

Earthquakes in the kindergarten educate for risk mitigation 

Maria Isabel Neves Francisco da Mata (Teacher at Agrupamento de Escolas Adelaide Cabette-Odivelas), Portugal